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    • How do your Onesie & Shirt sizes run?

    • Returns or Exchanges

    • How Do I Fluff Up My Tutu Once Recieved?

    • What if my set gets lost in the mail or does not arrive on time?

    • How do I get the tutu on?

    • How are the designs on the shirts put on? Do you use paint?

    • How do I wash my tutu outfit?

    • Can I change the colors on a set?

    • Do you have a privacy policy?

    How do your Onesie & Shirt sizes run? top


    6 - 12 months

    14-19 lbs. MAXIMUM

    (just like a gerber 12 month in torso length)

    Shoulder to inside thigh (15.5" - 16.5"). 

    Waist not stretched 15 - 16" stretched comfortably 18".


    12 - 18 months

    20-23 lbs.

    (Similar to a Carter's 12 month, but 1" wider in waist.)

    12 - 18 months shoulder to inside thigh 18". 

    Waist not stretched 19" stretched comfortably 21".  


    18 - 24 months (Very big)

    24-34 lbs.

    (nice and roomy, perfect for chubby babies)

    Shoulder to inside thigh 19".  Waist not stretched 20" stretched comfortably 22".


    Our shirt sizes run VERY large!

    Please order a size down. If your child wears a size 3, please order a size 2. The size 2 will NOT be small.

    Below is a size chart with the shirt measurnents. Each shirt size runs 1 to 2 sizes LARGE.

    We cannot exchange or accept returns on shirts. We know they run large and stress ordering a size down. 


    Size (in)

    Chest (in)

    Waist (in)

    Length (in)

    3-6 m




    6-12 m








    2 y




    4 y




    6 y




    8 y




    Returns or Exchanges top

    We hope that you will be very happy with your outfit.
    Any tutu sets that have a name or custom colors are non-refundable.
    If you receive something that is the wrong size, wrong colors, or damaged we will gladly exchange the set for you.
    Tutu sets without custom embroidery, name, or color changes may be exchanged or returned as long as you email us with 24 hours of recipt of the set in the mail.
    The set must be unworn and returned in the same condition.

    How Do I Fluff Up My Tutu Once Recieved? top


    Tutus are made of 100% Soft Nylon Diamond Weave Tulle.

    To Fluff Up Your Tutu, Simply Unravel & Pull Each Individual Tulle Layer Upwards & Downwards From The Waistline For Ultimate Fullness. Straighten The Layers By Gently Combing Them Through With Your Fingers, Then Shake The Tutu With One Hand.

    Wrinkles? The best way to get rid of a wrinkled tutu is steam! Simply turn on your hot shower, and hang your tutu. After a few minutes, all of the wrinkles will disappear. Or you may use your Heat Steam Iron to get the tutu poofy & wrinkle free from the heat blasts. Shake the tutu with one hand as you de-wrinkle.

    Do Not Machine Wash! Spot hand wash with cold water.

    Hang on a Hanger or Lay Flat.

    To Adjust The Size Of Your Tutu: ~Untie the ribbon bow. ~ Space Out the tulle pieces by Pulling evenly from the ends or Cinch Tulle Pieces Closer Together, to the perfect waist size fit.

    ~Retie Ribbon Like A Shoe Lace.

    What if my set gets lost in the mail or does not arrive on time? top

    We would love to promise that every set will arrive on time.  Generally, sets do arrive VERY quickly.  We ship tutu sets the fastest! There are some instances when the post office does loose a package!  We understand that it is a very important day for you and want your outfit to be perfect as well. PLEASE enter a note when you check out if you would NOT like to require a signature with your package delivery for priority or fedex orders.  We will not be responsible for lost packages.  You will be provided with a tracking number with detailed tracking information from either USPS or Fedex.  Please contact the shipping provider with your tracking number if you package states that it was delivered and you do not have the package.  Often a neighbour has the package or it could have been delivered to a different address on accident by the shipping company.   We will not issue a refund or ship a new package if your package is lost.  Please order early to avoid any delivery issues.
    For international orders, sometimes the package may get held in customs delayed for a while.  We are not responsible for any international packages once they have been shipped.
    If you need your set under 1 week, please select the appropriate shipping speed.  Of course, if it is possible to order 2 weeks in advance, your set will arrive with plenty of time to spare!

    How do I get the tutu on? top

    To Adjust The Size Of Your Tutu:
    ~Untie the ribbon bow.
    ~Cinch together or space out the tutu pieces, to the perfect waist size fit

    How are the designs on the shirts put on? Do you use paint? top

    Each design is stitched on with embroidery thread on an industrial embroidery machine.  Sometimes you may see in insert in a number or design, that is fabric stitched down.  We do not use any paint or screen printing.

    How do I wash my tutu outfit? top

    The onesies or shirts can simply be washed in your washing machine.  Cold water is best to avoid shrinkage. 
    Hang to dry and hot iron.
    You may put the onesies in the dryer, but please note that they are 100% cotton and do shrink!  I washed one for my baby and put it in the dryer and it shrank about 1.5".
    The tutus are made with nylon tulle and polyester ribbon.  Please only hand wash the tutus or spot clean.

    Can I change the colors on a set? top

    Sure!  You can either write in what you would like changed in the note box at checkout or instead of entering a name, please type your email address and send us an email with all of your custom details.  We try to be as accommodating as possible!You can request an entirely different set as well.  We love new designs!

    Some of the items we do not add are crystals because they can be a chocking hazard, and puff balls because they make it hard to package and fluff a tutu after shipping.
    If you would like puff balls on your tutu, I would recommend ordering a tutu without them, fluff your tutu when it arrives, and glue on as many as you would like after it arrives and you fluff the tutu.  This way it will look as nicely as possible.

    Do you have a privacy policy? top

    We do not share your information with anyone!

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